Melina Perez isn’t returning to WWE, according to a post the former superstar shared on Facebook. As documented by, the former Women’s Champion claimed that the rumors are unsubstantiated and wanted her fans to know that they shouldn’t believe what they read. However, she did say that a return to the promotion is a “possibility.”

While Melina has dismissed the latest reports, she also said that she’s willing to return to the company as it’s her “home.” No deals have been signed as of this writing, however, and she also stated that the circumstances would have to be right before she agreed to terms.

Melina claimed that she’s not only interested in making money. There are other factors she’d have to consider before she agreed to rejoin the promotion. She opened up about some of her concerns in her statement.

“There’s so much more than just give someone a contract. I lost my father last month, am I emotionally ready? I’m 41, am I physically capable? Is there a story available? Simply talking to the WWE makes my heart happy. I am grateful for my time with them. One day I’ll come home but when the time is right. So if it doesn’t happen now, I’m sorry you thought I was returning.”

Melina went on to say that it’s fine if she never rejoins the promotion. She’s happy with her life at moment. If she does go back, however, she vowed to put her “every bit of heart” in it to honor her father. She also thanked her fans for supporting her for as long as they have.

Melina kneels in the ring

According to the rumor, Melina was reportedly set to make her long-awaited comeback on an upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. It is believed that officials have wanted to re-sign her since last year, but her contract with NWA prohibited her from joining another company until now.

The Monday Night Raw women’s division is considered to be depleted at the moment, which is presumably why reports of Melina returning began circulating in the first place. Officials reportedly want to add more star power to the ranks.

Melina featured on WWE television last year, albeit in a cameo appearance on an episode of the red brand’s weekly show. She was released in 2011 following a successful stint that saw her become the first wrestler in history to hold both the Women and Divas Championships on multiple occasions.

The performer had a decorated career in Vince McMahon’s corporation, and many fans would undoubtedly love to see her compete against the current roster.