‘The Chi’ Spoilers: Kiesha Reunites With Family With Ronnie’s Help

Birgundi Baker’s character, Kiesha Williams, is finally free and back with her family in the August 2 episode of television’s The Chi.

As previously explained in a recap by The Inquisitr, Kiesha was kidnapped while sitting alone at a dark bus stop at the beginning of the season. As the story went on, her mother, Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie), and her brother, Kevin (Alex Hibbert), grew concerned and gathered the neighborhood to help find for her. During the search, Ntare Guma Mbaho’s character, Ronnie, became determined to be the person to bring her home. He wanted to prove to himself and his grandmother that he could be the man he once was, despite his past transgressions.

Sunday’s episode kicked off with Ronnie giving a speech at this grandma’s funeral. After the funeral, he decided to set out on a solo search and rescue mission. He returned to the neighborhood where he suspected the missing girl was being held and began knocking on doors. After being shunned by several people, he got a bit of information that validated his gut feeling. Ronnie then ran to the house of Kiesha’s captor and kicked in the door. He spent a moment looking around before stepping in and calling out.

At the same time, Kiesha managed to create a noose out of her bedsheets. As she sat contemplating suicide, she heard Ronnie’s voice at the top of the stairs. Her screams led Ronnie to the room where she was being held and he quickly worked to undo the locks.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine visiting Build at Build Studio.
  Theo Wargo / Getty Images

As he finally opened the door and made his way into the room, the owner of the house came running down the stairs. The kidnapper attacked Ronnie, knocking him unconscious. In the moment of struggle between the two men, Kiesha managed to grab the crowbar Ronnie had brought in and she began beating her attacker. The young girl couldn’t control her anger and kept hitting the man until he fell to his knees and then flat on his stomach.

Later, the police arrived and took Kiesha and Ronnie to the hospital, where her family was already waiting to see her. She spent a few moments reconnecting with her mother, who told her she didn’t need to talk about the incident until she was ready. It’s not yet known how Kiesha will adjust to being free after being sexually assaulted and locked up for two months, but her doctors advised the family to look out for early signs of depression, which could lead to suicidal thoughts.

As for Ronnie, he was treated for his injuries and told to rest. During the last few moments of the episode, Kevin entered his hospital room to thank him for finding his sister. The gesture of appreciation went a far way for the older man, as it made him feel like he was finally on a path to redemption.



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