Nastia Liukin used her impressive flexibility to show off the results of using a bath product. On Friday, the Olympic gymnast took to Instagram to share a new promotional post for Olay, and the visuals it included were a hit with her 1 million followers.

Nastia, 30, was pictured enjoying a relaxing soak in a white porcelain bathtub with sharp corners and sides. Foamy white bubbles covered the surface of the water, which rose up to her collarbones. She wore a thick gold choker chain and a Y necklace that were well out of the reach of the soapy suds. Her only other visible jewelry was a row of three small stud earrings in her right ear.

Nastia’s short blond hair was slicked back and styled in a tight bun, which was wrapped with a frilly gold scrunchie. In the first of two photos, she was shown in profile as she stretched her right leg up high in the air. She kept the limb perfectly straight and pointed her toes to accentuate its length and muscle tone. Her smooth stem glistened as water trickled down it, and a few lacy bubbles covered her foot. The athlete smiled as she gazed up at the sudsy extremity.

Two of the bath products Nastia was promoting sat on the edge of the tub. It was a freestanding bathtub, but it was positioned near a marble wall underneath an open window. Natural sunlight flooded in, casting a soft golden glow over the bather. A round glass vase full of white roses in full bloom sat on a shelf near the window. The flowers were reflected by a large mirror on the wall facing Nastia’s back. The reflective surface was surrounded by an ornate gold frame.

In the second photo, Nastia faced the mirror and sat up a little higher as she soaped up her right arm. In her caption, she made sure to note that her post was an ad and that she’s an Olay partner. So far, her set of soapy snapshots has amassed nearly 6,000 likes and dozens of comments.

“Only you can bring us that leg like that too!!!” read one response to her post.

“Definitely tried doing that in my tub recently. I think I pulled a muscle,” another fan remarked.

“A bubble bath a day keeps the stress away,” advised a third admirer.

“Wow how beautiful are these pics…wowie Nastia such beauty OMG!” gushed a fourth person.

One of Nastia’s previous photo shoots took place in a location that wasn’t quite as pristine and clean. As reported by The Inquisitr, she posed next to a dumpster to deliver some sage life advice ahead of the new year.