Actress and director Olivia Wilde shared a powerful, instructional message with her followers on Thursday, urging them to use their voice in the general election coming November 3.

In the upload, Oliva took a selfie indoors, bathing in the glow of the afternoon light. She shone her signature striking eyes straight at the camera above a large, black mask that covered the complete lower half of her face, complying with health and safety precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 36-year-old pulled her brunette and honey-highlighted tresses back into what seemed like a casual ponytail, aptly displaying the “VOTE” message on her mask, scrawled across the left side in white. The mask was pulled back around her ears and had another tint of something red on the right, unable to be made out clearly.

The Booksmart director also sported a long-sleeved white cotton top, that had the statement, “F*cking Vote” written over the left side of her chest, with a red heart in place of the “u” and globe in place of the “o” in the words.

Olivia also instructed her 3.2 million followers to head to the polls in her caption, echoing the words displayed on her shirt. Within hours of posting, the image garnered over 92,000 likes and more than 800 comments, with many showing support for the Drinking Buddies actress’ activism.

“Absolutely,” one user commented, raving about Olivia’s message.

“Reeeaaally important time to do so! [B]e the change,” exclaimed another fan, adding a power fist emoji to their post in support.

The upcoming Marvel film director didn’t receive all positive backing, however, as numerous users flooded the comments section by showing their enthusiasm for Donald Trump, who’s aiming for his second term as president of the United States.

“Thank you for supporting Trump!!!!” one follower exclaimed, facetiously mocking Olivia’s post.

“Will do… for Trump!” another person joked.

Olivia is known for her activism in democratic politics, as she backed Senator Hilary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election.

“The fact that [Clinton] feels the plight of women and girls as the most important issue of the 21st century is a huge reason why I’m supporting her,” she told The Daily Beast at the time.

This also isn’t the first time Olivia has pressed her fellow citizens to hit the ballot box. She not only spoke of her support of Clinton before the 2016 election, but participated in the “Vote For Your Future” campaign with other celebrities, hoping to push people to toward a democratic decision.