Blond beauty Natalie Roser thrilled her 1.2 million Instagram followers with her most recent share, a sizzling triple update in which she appeared to be enjoying some bubbly on an outdoor patio area. She sat on a wooden chair with a blue padded cushion on it, and a bottle of sparkling wine was chilling in a bucket on the table. Natalie held a glass of cold wine, condensation clouding the glass, and smiled at the camera.

The backdrop featured a large embossed statement wall that provided a breathtaking backdrop for the stunning shots. Natalie wore a dress from the brand Cecilie Copenhagen, and made sure to tag the brand’s Instagram page in the picture so her followers would know where to get the look. The garment was a soft green color with white details. The straight neckline stretched across her chest, showing off just a hint of cleavage, and it was trimmed with a strip of ruffled white fabric. Thick straps stretched over her shoulders and the garment had a textured fabric and figure-hugging fit that accentuated her toned physique.

She had a bag slung over her shoulder from the brand Steve Madden, according to the tag, and kept the accessories simple with a delicate necklace, minimalist ring, and a small pair of earrings.

Natalie’s blond locks were styled in a deep side part, the silky tresses cascading down her back and chest in effortless waves. She gazed at something in the distance in the second shot, a playful expression on her face. The hem of her dress gazed her thigh, and the ruffled trim along the bottom added a hint of whimsy to the look.

The third and final shot captured her in the middle of a laugh, leaning back in her chair and continuing to enjoy her glass of bubbly in a scenic outdoor setting. Her fans absolutely loved the celebratory snap, and the post received over 6,100 likes within six hours of going live. It also received 108 comments from her eager audience in the same time span.

“You are so incredibly beautiful. And I love your fantastic smile,” one fan wrote.

“Gorgeous!” another fan chimed in, followed by a string of emoji.

“This dress!!” a third fan remarked, including a heart eyes emoji in her enthusiastic comment, loving the look.

Yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, Natalie thrilled her followers with a triple update in which she rocked a nude lingerie set from her own label, Rose and Bare. She posed in a modern-looking bathroom and played with her damp hair as she showcased the sizzling underwear set, which included a skimpy thong that covered barely anything at all.