Morgan Ketzner Flashes Huge Smile In Seductive Pose At The Lake

Morgan Ketzner embraced a sweet, sexy vibe in her most recent Instagram post on Saturday afternoon. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model posted an image of herself posed on her knees in the back of a small boat that over 2,500 followers “liked” in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Morgan wore tiny string bikini bottoms that left little to the imagination. Their pale pink shade popped against her deep golden tan. Her pose blocked most of the garment from view, but a thin strap was visible resting against her shapely hip.

She appeared to have gotten chilly and had thrown a cute cropped hoodie on over her suit. The cozy, loose-fitting sweatshirt had a white background upon which colorful butterflies and stylized leaves were embroidered. She credited the clothing line Fashion Nova in the caption.

Morgan perched on the front of her shins with knees spread wide apart and leaned forward, balancing herself on outstretched palms in front of her body.

She arched her back and raised her chin, emphasizing her perfect pin-up pose.

The natural beauty had a wide, easy smile on her face. Her eyes crinkled with merriment and her high cheekbones were accentuated by her expression.

Her light tresses were casually flipped over one side and appeared to gently blow in the breeze.

Morgan geotagged her location at one of many huge bodies of water in Minnesota. She appeared to be resting comfortably in the back of an unidentified water-faring vessel. The cushions were designed in neutral grays with sporty electric blue accents, and there were speakers built in to either side of the interior.

Deep blue water stretched calmly behind her, reaching a line of lush green trees dappled with white buildings along the distant horizon. The sky was blanketed with billowing streaks of gray clouds.

She mentioned in the caption that the ominous cloud situation materialized into rain very soon after the photo was taken.

Morgan’s Instagram followers were quick to leave their comments on the post.

“The Lake Minnetonka Queen says, ‘Let it Rain.’ I know that didn’t impede on your fun!!” declared one follower, referring to the location’s occasionally temperamental summer weather.

“You always leave me speechless!!” gushed a second person, adding a red heart and heart eye emoji.

Several days ago, The Inquisitr showed Morgan flaunting a similar look hanging out next to the water during sunset. She wore little daisy bikini bottoms and a black hoodie, which she had pulled up to expose her taut, tanned belly.


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