Leanna Bartlett showcased her incredible hourglass figure when she took to Instagram and shared a sizzling snap to her feed. Clad in skintight swimwear and imaginative accessories, Leanna looked smoking hot, much to the delight of her followers.

The blond model wanted to engage with her horde of fans and reached out to them in her caption. She noted that it was almost autumn and wanted to know what their favorite season of the year was.

The influencer herself wore autumnal colors that complemented her sun-bronzed skin. Her one-piece maroon swimsuit hugged her voluptuous curves and left very little to the imagination. The high-necked swimming costume had white spaghetti straps that cut across her toned shoulders.

Leanna showed a sliver off sideboob as her bust could not be constrained by the tight confines of the swimwear. She also put her curvaceous hips and booty on display thanks to the high-cut design of the garment.

The social media star rocked her accessories that elevated her athletic ensemble to a chic one. She wore a wide-brimmed floppy black hat that cast a light shadow over her face and flawless physique. She paired the hat with a pair of suede thigh-high boots that covered her knees and drew attention to her sleek and toned legs. The model heaped on some gold bangles to polish off her look.

The Ukrainian bombshell took to the outdoors for the photo. She placed her derriere on a balcony that overlooked a street. In the background, a couple of cars were parked beneath palm trees and a high-rise building was flanked by a dense green bush.

Leanna remained unperturbed by her surroundings. She twisted her upper body while looking at her booty, so that her admirers could see both of her shoulders in the shot. She then placed one of her hands on the knee while playing with her hair with the other. The model’s hairstyle already seemed perfect as she wore it in a side-part and allowed it to rest elegantly on her shoulders. She slightly parted her lips for a rather provocative snap.

The 35-year-old was soon inundated with over 21,000 likes and a ton of comments as her devotees waxed lyrical about her beauty.

“Definitely fall! Btw, you look absolutely gorgeous,” one fan raved before adding a heart-eyed emoji.

Another also responded to the question in her caption. They tried a rather quirky pick-up line as they tried to capture Leanna’s attention.

“Fall? Yeah baby… I’m afraid… I might fall for you [heart emoji] because you are so irresistible, intoxicating, and mesmerizing,” they gushed.

A third Instagrammer was blown away by her good looks.

“Wow, what a glorious photo! You are phenomenally beautiful! Just wow,” they said.