Lauren Drain reminded her fans that winter is on its way with a throwback video that showed her freezing in a skimpy bikini. On Wednesday, the fitness model took to Instagram to share a look back at the time she made a snow angel while leaving most of her skin exposed to the elements. Lauren used the funny footage to promote her online fitness program.

She lived up to her unofficial title as “The World’s Sexiest Nurse” in her bright purple two-piece. Her bathing suit’s vibrant color really stood out against the stark white backdrop of her video. Her top had wide shoulder straps and a knotted detail in the center of the bust.

Lauren partnered the piece with a pair of string bikini bottoms. She wore the garment’s long ties knotted down low on her hips to create a low-rise silhouette. This lengthened her torso and placed more focus on her ripped abs. Her toned arms and muscular thighs were also hard to miss as she bounced up and down in a vain effort to get warm.

Lauren added a few winter accessories to her scanty summer ensemble, including a plush gray scarf that was loosely wrapped around her neck and left shoulder. She also wore a pair of red mittens on her hands. However, her feet appeared to be the warmest part of her body. She had on a pair of thick white socks and black snow boots lined with faux fur. Her curled blond hair was pulled up in a high ponytail.

Lauren addressed the camera, asking if there were anymore “genius dares” she was being asked to do. Her husband informed her that everyone was telling her to create a snow angel, which she didn’t seem too thrilled about. However, she gamely ran a few steps in the calf-high white powder. As she moved, she showed off her peachy posterior and the cheeky back of her bottoms.

Lauren then turned around and plopped down backward. When she hit the soft but chilly ground, she screamed a few times in shock. However, she successfully completed her task before hopping back up and sprinting toward her car.

“A year later and this still puts a smile on my face!!” wrote one of her Instagram followers in the comments section of her post.

“Funniest thing I have seen in ages,” another admirer said.

This was legendary,” read a third remark.

Lauren can often be seen rocking bikinis in the photos and videos that she shares on Instagram. Earlier this month, she used a snapshot of herself wearing a green crocheted two-piece to clap back at a cruel internet troll who said that she looked like a man.