Jessica Alba had a heart-stopping encounter with some potentially deadly wildlife during a recent photo shoot. On Friday, the L.A.’s Finest star took to Instagram to share a video that captured the scary moment she almost stepped on a live rattlesnake.

Jessica, 39, was standing outside in a scenic wooded area. Tall oak trees provided plenty of shade for her shoot, which took place near a large terracotta-colored statue of a woman. The sculpture was surrounded by green bushes, and it stood in an area where the ground was covered with reddish mulch.

Jessica was dressed up in a stylish ensemble that included a pair of dark green pants with wide legs and a high waist. Her top was white with a purple floral print. It had short ruffled sleeves. The actress wore the top tucked into her trousers, and a wide tan belt cinched her in at the smallest part of her waist. Her shoes were a pair of beige mules with pointed toes. She also sported a white protective face mask.

At the beginning of the video, Jessica stood facing the female effigy with her arms crossed. She started to walk in front of the statue, but she halted to listen to her photographer. From behind the camera, he could be heard telling her that they should get a shot of her without her mask on. He also said that he wanted to use portrait mode for the photo. Jessica happened to look down as she started to remove her mask, and she suddenly noticed that there was a massive rattlesnake slithering across the ground right in front of her.

“Oh sh*t!” she exclaimed.

Jessica quickly moved in the opposite of the fanged reptile as the photographer and everyone else present for the shoot began freaking out.

The Sin City star’s post included a snapshot of the massive venomous snake, which she described as being five feet long. Her famous followers had a lot to say about her close encounter with her scaly unwitting costar.

“When getting portrait mode saves your life,” wrote Mad Men actress January Jones.

“But he was probably just as shocked to see YOU standing next to him,” quipped model April Love Geary.

“A biggie!!! Woah,” said Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom.

“Yikes. That’ll get your heart pumping,” remarked Avengers: Endgame star Jeremy Renner.

Jessica’s social media videos usually aren’t so frightening, even when they’re shot outdoors. In one recent Instagram upload, she rocked a bralette top and bloomer-like shorts to do a TikTok dance challenge with a friend.