Jennifer Lopez is giving fans a throwback look at her flashback performance, showing some revealing video of the second time she wore would be become a famous ensemble.

The actress and singer took to Instagram on Sunday to share backstage video of her wearing the green Versace dress that made her a fashion icon when she first wore it in 2000 and earned her high marks for wearing it again on the runway last year at the age of 50.

On the one-year anniversary of the day she showed off the dress on the runway in 2019, Lopez took to Instagram to share a video that gave a glimpse of all the work that went into pulling off the look for the second occasion. The footage showed Lopez flaunting her insane physique in the outfit, which had an open front that showed off plenty of cleavage and flowing bottom that had her very well-toned legs on display.

She included a second image of a Google search of the phrase “who created google images” that yielded her name and a link to a story about the time she first put on the famed outfit for the Grammy Awards in 2000.

The post was a huge hit, racking up more than 400,000 likes. Many fans told Lopez that she looked just as good at the age of 50 as she did at 30.

“ICONIC AF!!!!!!! Are you trying to kill us⁉️” one person gushed.

“Thank youu for reposting!!!” another fan wrote, punctuating the comment with a series of hear icons and adding, “love you so much legend.”

Lopez shared more backstage videos of the iconic green ensemble in her Instagram stories, showing her preparation for the big night and giving fans another glimpse of her well-toned physique.

Lopez said that the outfit became a style icon almost by accident, telling Vanity Fair that she originally picked the Versace look it because it was her only option.

“The first time I wore it, I actually didn’t have another dress,” she shared. “Usually I have choices. It was a last-minute thing that caused a sensation that was unexpected.”

But the second occasion that she rocked the ensemble was more planned out, and came after a meeting with Donatella Versace herself. Lopez said the famed designer told her at the Met Gala that she was doing a show and wanted Lopez to be in it — wearing the dress she made famous back in 2000. Lopez said it felt empowering to put it on again, and helped her to see that she’s got a lot of career left.