Donald Trump Expects Chris Wallace To Be ‘Unfair’ At Debate: ‘He Will Be Controlled By The Radical Left’

During an interview with Fox News Radio on Thursday, President Donald Trump discussed the upcoming presidential debates, The Hill reported.

The first debate, which is scheduled for Tuesday next week, will be moderated by veteran Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.

Speaking with host Brian Kilmeade, Trump said that he expects Wallace to be “unfair” and pose softballs to Joe Biden, who is the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

“Chris is good, but I would be willing to bet that he won’t ask Biden tough questions. He will ask tough questions of me and it will be unfair, I have no doubt about it.”

“He will be controlled by the radical left,” he added.

Kilmeade pushed back on this claim, insisting that Wallace is “not controlled by anyone.”

“We’ll see. Then, he’s got to ask tough questions of Biden,” Trump countered, pointing to ABC News’ handling of the 2016 presidential debate.

The network, he argued, grilled him but posed softballs to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, the two candidates are expected to discuss their records, the novel coronavirus, the economy, violence and protests in American cities, the Supreme Court and the integrity of the electoral process in the United States.

During his interview with Kilmeade, Trump appeared to lower expectations for himself, praising Biden as an experienced politician and skilled debater.

“I have just been doing this for a few years. He has been doing this for 47 years plus. I mean, he has a tremendous advantageous really, if you think about it, but I have a much better record than he does,” he said.

The praise for Biden stood in stark contrast to the allegations Trump and his allies have made about the former vice president over the past few months.

The commander-in-chief and members of his campaign have repeatedly questioned the Democrat’s cognitive abilities and suggested that he is not fit for office.

During a campaign rally last week, Trump went as far as to suggest that Biden is taking performance-enhancing drugs. He also vowed to ask for a drug test before the debate.

President Donald Trump speaks during a discussion in the Cabinet Room of the White House.
  Oliver Contreras-Pool / Getty Images

While the commander-in-chief may think highly of Biden’s debating skills, some Democrats reportedly do not. Aides and allies to Biden are allegedly growing increasingly concerned about the upcoming debates and fear that the nominee is not up to the task.

The former Delaware senator is known to make gaffes. Since the beginning of the campaign, he has avoided contentious interviews and relied on reading from teleprompters during public appearances.


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