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‘The Witcher’ Star Freya Allan Stuns In A White Bikini While Crouching On The Back Of A Horse

Freya Allan, one of the stars of the hit Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, shared an Instagram update on Sunday that sent many of her fans into a frenzy. In a set of three gorgeous photos, the 18-year-old British actress flaunted her bikini body and her horse-riding skills.

Freya was rocking a white string bikini with tiny triangle cups that exposed an eyeful of cleavage. Her bottoms had ties on the side and a seat that provided a medium amount of coverage. Over her bathing suit, she wore a bright blue shirt that featured a subtle tie-dye print. The top was constructed out of thin ribbed fabric, and it had three-quarter length sleeves with lettuce trim. The bottom hem featured the same frilly edging.

The actress wore her long blond hair down...

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NBA Rumors: قطعات می تواند هدف Bradley Beal و سه دیگر ستاره های بزرگ در سال 2020 Offseason

دنور ناگتس ممکن است بسیار انتظار می رود برای دومین روز متوالی حضور در پلی آف این فصل اما همانطور که در حال حاضر آنها هنوز در همان سطح به عنوان دیگر رقیب مانند لس آنجلس لیکرز و لس آنجلس کلیپرز و Milwaukee Bucks. به منظور شانس واقعی به طور کامل مسلط عمیق کنفرانس غرب و آوردن خانه لری اوبراین جایزه این قطعات باید به شدت در نظر گرفتن اطراف آن صورت از حق نیکولا Jokic با قدرت ستاره بیشتر. در اخیر مقاله ماندلا Namaste از Bleacher Report شامل قطعات در لیست تیم خواهد شد که فعال ترین در بازار در سال 20...

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Scarlet Witch می تواند طیف مهم ترین شخصیت در فاز 4

Avengers: آخر بازی دیدم بازنشستگی بسیاری از معشوق طیف بازیگران و شخصیت خود را. با تونی استارک و استیو راجرز در حال حاضر از تمام فیلم از اینجا (احتمالا) از آن زمان برای یک شخصیت جدید را منجر شود. بسیاری از قهرمانان شده اند این باورند منجر به بسته رفتن به جلو با نظریه پیشنهاد خواهد شد که مهم ترین بازیکن در فاز 4 و فراتر از آن. یکی از جدیدترین نظریه ها از صفحه نمایش بیهوده گویی معتقد است Scarlet Witch/واندا Maximoff در حال رفتن به بسیار مهم خواهد بود اگر نه مهم ترین قهرمان در آینده است...

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به بیرون درز داده ها از ایران نشان می دهد که عظیم COVID-19 مرگ Coverup

هر چند ایران شده است گل نشسته با اتهاماتی که در خاورمیانه و ملت شده است دروغ گفتن در مورد تعداد واقعی از coronavirus مربوط به مرگ و میر جدید نقض آن پرونده به نظر می رسد در نهایت به تایید اتهامات به عنوان واقعیت.

به گزارش BBCیک منبع ناشناس در داخل دولت ایران فرستاده خبرگزاری اسناد برای نشان دادن میزان پوشش.

یکی از مهمترین متناوب واقعی بود تعداد مرگ و میر به علت COVID-19 که سه گانه رسمی شمارش. همانطور که از جولای 20, ایران وزارت بهداشت و درمان ادعا کرده است که 14,405 نفر از بیماری; با این حال, داخلی, داده ها نشان داد که این تعداد در واقع 42,000...

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Vanessa Marcil ممکن است پرتاب یک اشاره است که او را از بازگشت به بیمارستان عمومی’

شده است و هفت سال پس از Vanessa Marcil graced پورت چارلز با حضور او اما که ممکن است همه تغییر به زودی. از بیمارستان عمومی آلوم در زمان به حساب توییتر خود را به روز یکشنبه در یک ارز با کسی که به وضوح نیست یک فن از شخصیت او از برندا بارت. در پاسخ به این که صدای او ممکن است اشاره کرده اند که او را از بازگشت به معروف نقش مدتی به زودی.

این همه آغاز شده در جولای 21 هنگامی که یک فن حساب ارسال یک پست به خاطر سپردن Marcil خروج در سال 2011 با یک خداحافظی گریان به او عشق سابق سانی Corinthos...

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Lindsey Vonn Rocks Skintight Pink Leggings & Does Chain Squats With Dwayne Johnson For ‘400 Rep Leg Day’

Lindsey Vonn proved that she takes leg day seriously in the video that she uploaded to Instagram on Sunday. She also showed off her famous workout partner, who was a man who knows a thing or two about lifting weights and building muscle.

In her video, the 35-year-old former professional skier was joined by Jumanji: The Next Level star Dwayne Johnson. The 48-year-old entertainer formerly known as “The Rock” has been hitting the gym since his professional wrestling days, and Lindsey put his expertise to good use by having him spot her as she performed a set of intense squats.

For her sweat session, the Olympic gold medalist rocked a pair of patterned bright pink leggings that clung to her pert posterior and toned legs. She also sported a form-fitting white crop top with short sleeves...

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‘The Young And The Restless’ Weekly Preview: Chelsea Experiences Her Worst Nightmare

The Young and the Restless weekly preview for August 3 through 7 teases five flashback episodes filled with Genoa City’s most “Oh my God” moments of all time. From Chloe blowing up a cabin with Adam inside to Lily learning that Neil wasn’t her biological father, it’s a replay of some of the most shocking scenes in the history of The Young and the Restless.

Monday gives viewers a trip back to December 4, 1986. In the episode, Paul (Doug Davidson) learned that Lauren (Tracey Bregman) entered him in a centerfold contest without his knowledge, according to SheKnows Soaps. Even more awkward, his mother, Mary (Carolyn Conwell), confronted him about it, which is when he finally found out what had happened...

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James Clyburn Likens Donald Trump To Benito Mussolini: ‘I Don’t Think He Plans To Leave The White House’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday, House Majority Whip James Clyburn argued that President Donald Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses in November, Newsweek reported.

Clyburn likened Trump to Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, comparing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“I feel very strongly that he is Mussolini, Putin is Hitler,” the South Carolina Democrat said.

“I believe very strongly that this guy never had any idea about being — want to peacefully transfer power,” Clyburn warned.

“I don’t think he plans to leave the White House. He doesn’t plan to have fair and unfettered elections. I believe that he plans to install himself in some kind of emergency way to continue hold onto office.”

Clyburn issued his w...

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Larsa Pippen Sizzles In A Black One-Piece Swimsuit With A Leopard-Print Cover-Up

Reality television star Larsa Pippen thrilled her 2 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a sizzling update in which she looked beach-ready. She rocked an ensemble from the brand PrettyLittleThing, a label she has worn many times before on her Instagram page. She made sure to tag the brand’s page in the caption of the post as well as in the picture itself, in case her followers wanted to get the look.

Larsa stood on a concrete area with a wrought iron railing to her right, which she rested one hand on. A few plants were scattered around her, and the beach was visible off in the distance. The ocean stretched out to the horizon and the sky above was a vibrant shade of blue without a cloud in sight.

Larsa had one foot flat on the ground beneath her and the other balanced on a...

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‘No Time To Die’ Executives Want Ana de Armas To Attend The Premiere Without Ben Affleck A Source Claims

Ana de Armas may be at her next red carpet event solo. The star of the upcoming James Bond movie’s boyfriend, Ben Affleck, is reportedly not wanted at the premiere, according to The Sun. Insiders claim that those involved with the production have concerns that the relationship between the actor and actress will overshadow the film’s stars.

Ana de Armas, wearing Versace dress, Jimmy Choo heels, Norman Silverman diamond earrings and Tyler Ellis clutch attends Campari Red Diaries 2019 Premiere Event on February 5, 2019 in Milan, Italy.
  Stefania M. D’Alessandro / Getty Images

De Armas will play Paloma in No Time To Die, which will be released on November 20. The premiere has been pushed back several times due to the current pandemic, and executives are eager for everything to go well.

“This film premiere has been a long time coming, and franchise bosses want the spotlight to be on the stars of the film,” an outlet source revealed.

The insider went on to claim that execu...

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