‘Big Brother’ All-Stars House Tour: Angry Fans Demand Answers For Season 22

Big Brother fans are demanding to see the inside of the CBS summertime house that the all-star players will be living in this season.

Days after a long-awaited cast announcement was postponed for the upcoming 22nd season of the hit reality show, diehard viewers are frustrated that host Julie Chen Moonves’ traditional house tour hasn’t taken place.

With only five days to go until the live Big Brother: All-Stars 2 premiere, the longtime CBS host has instead been tweeting confusing clues – including photos of keys from past seasons and house emoji arranged numerical patterns.

In comments on social media, some viewers expressed frustration over the clues and lack of actual content. Many said they don’t want to see cryptic tweets ahead of the live premiere on August 5.

“House Tour/Reveal or I don’t want it #BB22,” wrote one viewer.

“Is this supposed to mean a house tour?” another asked. “If so, stop acting like a toddler and use your words Julie! We are tired of deciphering your gibberish.”

“If there’s no cast announcement can we at least get a house tour? #BB22,” a third asked.

One fan speculated that at the “most” viewers might get are photos of the new digs because the returning houseguests will be quarantined inside a sterile bubble this summer due to stringent coronavirus protocols. But others pointed out that traditionally a sneak peek of the house is filmed before the Big Brother players move in.

And others wondered if the All-Stars opener might be just about the tour amid ever-changing casting rumors.

“Watch the premiere episode just be Julie giving a 2-hour house tour cause the cast still won’t be locked down,” one viewer wrote.

Julie Chen inside the Big Brother house
  Monty Brinton / CBS

The only thing that is known for sure at this point is that the pad for the returning houseguests will include “nods” to the past as part of the show’s 20th anniversary. In addition, the host with the most will get a new backdrop as she emcees the live episodes from outside.

“We have a brand-new front of house,” executive producer Allison Grodner told Entertainment Weekly on Friday. “It’s spectacular.”

The usual walk-through of the houseguests’ living quarters is usually the first hint of what the “theme” for each Big Brother season will be, and it is often connected to major twists in the game. In the past, the house has been decked out with travel, temptation, and technology-related designs. Last summer the show featured a “camping” theme.



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