‘Big Brother 22’ Spoilers: Another Wall Yeller Causes Drama In The House

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars.

It’s the year of the wall-yeller on Big Brother. There have been three confirmed instances of an outsider shouting over the walls of the BB backyard, where pertinent game information is revealed to whichever houseguests might be in earshot. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, CBS allegedly had to bulk up security to keep these disruptors away but it didn’t work yesterday as a third shouted some important information that caused some drama.

David Alexander confirmed the wall-yeller to live feeds viewers today while he was speaking with Enzo Palumbo, according to Big Brother Daily on Twitter. David was expressing his frustrations with Da’Vonne Rogers, who has been questioning him about his vote in last week’s eviction. Da’Vonne suspected David changed his mind and voted to evict Ian Terry last Thursday, but he in fact stuck to the plan and voted out Tyler Crispen. Da’Vonne believed Nicole Franzel who said she cast her vote for Tyler but gave Ian the boot instead.

“[Da’Vonne] getting tricked by Nicole and Dani. Why you letting them trick you? How you fall for that? Think I’m working against you the entire season. It took for somebody to yell outside for her to be like ‘I’m sorry,’” David said to Enzo this afternoon

Nicole Franzel sits in the Big Brother house

The cameras immediately cut after David confirmed the wall-yeller. This could be the reason the feeds were down for a surprising 12 hours yesterday. The incident was not caught on camera yesterday as All Access subscribers looked on, but it’s possible the cameras were not showing the backyard at the time of the incident.

According to other rumblings on Twitter and conversations from today, it appears as if the yeller shouted that Nicole voted for Ian and not Tyler, which caused Da’Vonne to confront her two-time co-star. She reportedly approached Nicole about lying to her all week, but the feeds stayed off and the confrontation likely won’t air because it all derived from the outsider’s influence.

Da’Vonne ended up apologizing to David for believing so strongly that he flipped, but the damage already appeared to be done regarding their friendship. Unfortunately for Da’Vonne, this does nothing for her game and she will likely be the one heading out the door tonight. It does affect how Da’Vonne will throw her vote at the end of the season, especially if Nicole is sitting in the final two. She could also tell Ian about the lying in the jury house which would also likely affect his decision at the end.



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