Bianca Taylor Displays Insane Curves In Sexy Strappy Lingerie

Bianca Taylor flaunted some serious skin on Saturday afternoon, to the delight of her 903,000 Instagram followers. The beautiful fitness model posted a sizzling pair of photos that racked up over 11,000 likes in the first hour after they were uploaded.

Bianca was lying on a plain white backdrop with her legs stretched out in front of her. The photographer shot the images from slightly above her head, capturing all of her curvaceous figure in the lens. She made minor adjustments in her pose between the two snaps, but they were similar overall. In the caption, she asked fans which was their favorite.

She wore a strappy satin ensemble in a dusty mauve color that looked gorgeous against her olive complexion. The underwire bra was almost entirely constructed of strategically placed strips of shiny fabric.

They rested over her slender shoulders and around her ribcage, in a standard fashion. However, the straps also encircled both of her perfectly round breasts and featured pieces that ran down the center of each. Additional bands wrapped around her ribs.

Delicate swaths of matching lace created decorative demi-cups that covered her bits, but left most of her assets on full display.

The tiny bottoms had a lacy triangular front and rose high over her shapely hips on either side, accentuating Bianca’s hourglass shape.

In the first image, she crossed her left arm across the front of her chest and rested the outside of her forearm against her forehead, framing her stunning face with a sleeve of black and gray tattooed flowers.

She arched her back and angled her hips away from the camera slightly, flashing the side of her voluptuous derriere. It swelled below her seemingly tiny waist. Another small tattoo was visible on her curvaceous thigh.

Bianca gazed up at the camera seductively, with parted lips. Her huge eyes were defined by long, full lashes and perfectly groomed brows. Her long, black hair spilled across the floor above her.

In the second image, she had rolled flat on her back and raised her right knee. She relaxed her right arm onto the floor at her side, revealing the alluring expanse of her impressive bust.

Bianca’s adoring Instagram followers were eager to express their affection for the California beauty. Hundreds of fans flooded her comments section with various combinations of heart and flame emoji. Some also cast their vote for their favorite.

“Both are great but 2 has something about it that stands out,” voted one follower.

“#1 but we all win either way,” declared a second person.


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