Anllela Sagra Flaunts Underboob & Chiseled Abs In Panties & Crop Top

Thursday morning, Anllela Sagra shared a sizzling-hot new video on her Instagram page. She gave everybody a close-up view of her jaw-dropping physique and people immediately went wild over it.

The new video that Anllela posted showed her wearing a lacy pair of panties and a ribbed crop top. Her long, brunette tresses could be seen cascading down her back and her free hand was adorned with a watch, a couple of bracelets, and some rings.

The panties appeared to be a very light blue or white color with a pair of dainty straps across both hips. The straps sat quite high on Anllela’s hips while the cut of the panties dipped very low across the front.

The crop top seemed to be made of a white or cream material and had light splotches of gray and yellow color scattered around it. The bottom hem of the top rested rather high on Anllela’s breasts, and that positioning revealed a significant amount of underboob.

Anllela’s curvy hips caught everybody’s attention, as did her insanely chiseled abdominals. The 26-year-old Colombian fitness model twisted her torso side to side slightly as she filmed to ensure that her millions of followers were able to see every luscious curve of her phenomenal figure.

Nearly 12 million supporters follow Anllela on Instagram and they were quick to show their love for this new video. The clip was viewed more than 180,000 times in just one hour and around 60,000 fans quickly made the effort to hit the “like” button. More than 950 people commented during that initial hour as well and they showered her with love over this sexy glimpse of her latest revealing ensemble.

“You are my dream girl omg,” one person declared.

“Body of a goddess,” a fan raved.

“Epitome of Glamour,” added another supporter who added several queen crown emoji to the comment.

“Queen of the ‘Underboob’!” someone else praised.

Earlier this week, Anllela shared a couple of professional photos showing her flaunting her toned physique while she posed outdoors and wore a flattering burgundy bikini. Those snaps were quite popular, but she does regularly generate a lot of heat with videos like this one too.

In fact, earlier this month, Anllela uploaded another clip showcasing her underboob and abdominals in a panty-and-crop-top ensemble.

Both styles of uploads earned rave reviews from her millions of followers and her fans never seem to tire of seeing her notorious abs and cleavage. Anllela is known for her confidence, and with clips like this one, it’s easy to see why she’s so comfortable being so bold.


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